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Investing Opportunities

MyTiki - Mike Audi

With TIKI, see what data you share online and make informed decisions on who else can see it. Best of all, if you choose to share, we make sure you get PAID. 

Anyone can now invest in TIKI! Their mission is to return power to users. Anyone should be allowed to invest, now thanks to some new SEC laws and StartEngine, you can. In just a few clicks, you can join our growing list of prestigious investors.

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Challenger X - Lucas Caneda (SportsTech SaaS)

ChallengerX is a new SportsTech company that will take over the amateur sports team industry by making narrowing the gap between professional and amateur teams. ChallengerX has signed at least 60 different contracts with TV stations and streaming apps all over the world and it is a very exciting opportunity for investors and venture capitalists. *Currently rebranding

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Nordik Kitchen - Shane Davies-Nilsson

Nordik is launching in Summer 2022 and is a modern Nordic restaurant in South Wales by Chef Shane Davies-Nilsson. Nordik Kitchen will be a small, intimate restaurant and their aim is to feel more like having dinner at a friend’s house, as opposed to a pretentious, upscale restaurant. His funding goal is £15,000. Let's help him together.

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Fraser Bell & Co - Melon NFT Startup saw the huge potential of NFT technology when it comes to the Creator Economy, and wanted to solve the challenges currently faced by centralized creator platforms. Creators turn their viral social moments into rare digital collectibles and finally get paid their worth. Melon launched in October 2021. 

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“I’m so impressed with the information this podcast shares with its listeners. Chris talks with some truly knowledgeable and generous guests and asks some very insightful questions to help entrepreneurs at just about any level. Really well done, Chris!"

Jodi Krangle

“I’m enjoying the diverse group of interviews. Some I’ve heard of before and some that are new to me. Excited to hear what comes next!”

Brandon Wade

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