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Meet Rich From Fathom

Today, we invited Rich White to share more about the future of Fathom and their strategy for growth, funding, product, his team and even advice for the bootstrapped startup founder.

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Key Takeaways From The Episode

You'll learn how to use cold emailing the right way, how to gain investors, how to differentiate yourself from your competitors and explore other ways to build your startup through partnerships with marketplaces.

  • Join projects that align with your values and goals and support those that are around you.

  • Try cold email and build partnerships with marketplaces Fathom is an exclusive tool that was built for Zoom clients and has multiple partnerships with Product Hunt, HubSpot, Slack, G2 and more. 

  • Give your prospects, podcast guests and clients 100% of your engagement with Fathom

  • Be a hands-on CEO and work to your expertise

Product First

Watch your competitors. If they create a product or monetize their product too early, can you price them out of the market, or launch something that is completely bug free. What can you do to get ahead and stay ahead

Beta Testing

Fathom invested time and resources in beta testing. They did 6-7 months of user feedback & 3-4 months of product beta testing before a public launch.

Collect Feedback

 Get a bunch of users that are huge advocates for us and give us amazing insights for features. Use that to develop out the product.

Invest In Customer Success 

Unlike other startups, funding doesn't usually go towards customer success. Fathom is hiring in this area.

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