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We would like to invite you to join in with the experience of networking with experts and other entrepreneurs that want to see you succeed.

The group is for you if: 

  • You want to grow your network
  • You want to build your authority as an expert
  • You want to learn from experts in entrepreneurship
  • You want to grow your knowledge in SEO, marketing, sales, business development
  • You want to learn how to use your knowledge to create a business
  • You want to help others in their own journey
  • You want to make more money (not get rich quick)

If you said yes to wanting all the above, then join the group today. You might need to add Chris Cownden as a friend because it's a private group (invite only).

We are currently inviting people to join and will start producing content for you from late September as Chris is finishing the last episodes for Season 1 and wants to devote his time and effort to building a community and helping you achieve your goals.

Community Values:

Accountability, Inclusivity, Transparency, Respect, Growth, Contribution, Sportsman/womanship, Humility and Service. 

Chris Cownden

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"Networking For Entrepreneurs & Experts" 

Chris Cownden, Host of Talking With Experts Podcast