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Chris Cownden

My name is Chris Cownden. I started podcasting to meet new people and change my life. The last few years have been incredibly tough and challenging but I'm here. 

2018 - Massive Gambling problem and Epiphany moment 

2019 - Personal Development found me in a dark place (saved my life) (Recovering from surgery)

2020- Working with a charity and educated disadvantaged children (Recovering from surgery)

2021 - Podcasting and Taking Action (Recovering from surgery)

We've all been there. All my failures up to this point have led me here and they were all blessings in disguise. My vision for this podcast is to help aspiring entrepreneurs like myself get the tools, advice and resources they need to grow, market and scale their business. 

The end goal with the podcast is to improve the quality of my network and build a consulting business around podcasting and networking where I can provide podcasting services for entrepreneurs like yourself and consult on a B2B level. The power of TEAMWORK and having a strong NETWORK has always been something I've valued and seen in my experts approach to business and entrepreneurship with a lot of focus on collaboaration and relationship building. If you are struggling to build a high quality network or don't know how to launch a podcast and want someone else to take care of it for you, then my team and I can help you. 

If you want to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and the experts who have and will appear on the podcast in the next few weeks and years, then join us today in our community on Facebook. In the next couple of months everyone will get the opportunity to introduce themselves live in the group to provide value, educate others and this in turn promotes strong relationships.



Meet My Co-Producer

The Podcast Mogul - Phil Better

Phil Better


Appeared on Season 1, as Expert 2 and has mentored me since. We collaborate and support each other's podcast growth. 

Here are some of his podcasts...