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    Mike Audi review for Talking With Experts Podcast

    Mike Audi

    "I like the diversity of guests and advice offered on your show. There's so much to starting a business and the best people to learn from are the people who are in the process of building their own."

    Michael Haynes review for Talking With Experts Podcast

    Michael Haynes

    "Talking with Experts podcast should be an absolute must listen to for all entrepreneurs and experts. Chris covers a range of topics that entrepreneurs and experts need to be versed on to succeed in today’s highly competitive and crowded environment."

    Dr Destini Copp review for Talking With Experts Podcast

    Dr. Destini Coop

    "Chris provides tips and strategies that you can implement in your life and business right away!"

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    Each week your host, Chris Cownden will talk with experts in coaching, entrepreneurship and marketing, so you can find out what is working for them right now and what action you must take today for your success. 

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