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  • How did Rich White, CEO of Fathom get his app to #1 on Zoom Marketplace? Watch to find out now...

  • A B2B Podcast for Startups & SaaS  

    Chris Schelzi

    Chris Schelzi, AppSumo

    Mike Audi

    Mike Audi, TIKI

    James Mulvany

    James Mulvany, Podcast.co

    We're looking for:

    experts working with and in startups and SaaS
    c-level execs at SaaS and startups
    bootstrapped & funded startup founders 

    What our clients have to say

    Chris Cownden

    "Do what you love and it won't feel like work."

    In June 2021, I started this podcast asking entrepreneurs how they run world class businesses and now I'm sitting in meetings with Noah Kagan at AppSumo and get to talk with C-level executives at startups back by Reddit, Product Hunt, Microsoft, Zoom etc. I got hired from AppSumo because of my podcast. Now, I dare you to follow my podcast launch strategy and see where it takes you in a year's time.

    Chris Cownden - The Expert Whisperer

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